When you buy a house which needs improvement, or if features of your property don’t suit your needs, it is hard to choose what to tackle first. Finance is a major concern. Raising the money and being able to repay it are obviously important. You have to consider whether the amount spent could be recovered when the house is sold. If your house is too small for your needs, it is important comparing the cost of adding an extension compared to the cost of moving.

Some improvements are more important than others. Corrective work which affects the structure of the house should always be tackled first. The following home improvements can result in a higher selling price for your home, providing that the work is done properly. Free Electric Storage Heater Grants

Work such as damp-proofing, insulation, roof repairs and heating should be tackled first. Damp-proofing and roof repairs are mostly important as water entering the house causes structural damage. Lack of insulation makes the house expensive to heat and uncomfortable to live in.

Your next priority is a heating system. Inefficient heating makes the house uncomfortable to live in and unpopular with potential buyers.

Think carefully about the type of heating system you want before you in installing it. Fuel is a major consideration. Gas is convenient and reasonably priced and there is an excellent choice of boilers and programmers. If the house isn’t connected to mains gas, find out how much the connection will cost and how long you would have to wait. It may be cheaper or more suitable to use another fuel.

If you cant use gas, electric storage heaters are usually the best alternative. Installation is quick and often free. The heaters work on cheaper, night-time electricity. Hot water comes from an immersion heater which also works on half-price electricity. A good level of insulation from the loft to simple draught-proofing is needed for electric central heating to work economically.

There are a number of different reasons why you should remodel your kitchen. A kitchen too small for your needs can never be acceptable, no matter how much you spend on new units. If you have a dining room which is not used often, think about adding it to the existing kitchen to make a larger, more useful space. The alternative is to build a kitchen extension.

The amount you recover when you sell the house depends on the area and the type of property. If you live in an expensive, detached or semi-detached home, it is well-worth investing in a top-of-range fitted kitchen. But if your home is modest and more likely to appeal to first-time buyers, a well-made but budget-priced self-assembly range would be a better choice.

Installing your dream kitchen in a short-term home is not a good idea. Save the kitchen you have always wanted for a house you intend to live in for ten years or more.

An inefficient and unattractive bathroom makes uncomfortable to live in and affects the selling price of the house. There are various ways to make the bathroom larger. You could move it to a bedroom or remove a dividing wall between a bathroom and separate toilet. It is not usually financially worthwhile

Is one bathroom sufficient for your needs? A family with 3 or more family members especially children over ten is probably better off finding the space for a second bathroom than spending money improving the old one.

Consider dividing off part of a large bedroom to make an en-suite bath. This is viable providing that the bedroom is on the same side of the house as the main soil stack. If you can find the space, a downstairs WC is a useful, practical addition. Before you replace the bathroom suite, take a careful look at it. If the bath, basin and WC are in good condition but stained, it might be well worthwhile having them re-coated.

Conservatory, extension, swimming pool, sauna and landscaped garden can make your home more attractive to look at and live in, but you are unlikely to recover the cost of the work. Home improvements which increase your family’s enjoyment of their home are well worth making. It is better still if the work is financially viable in terms of a better return when you sell.